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Top 10 U.S. Cities For Women Entrepreneurs


Around 30 percent of small businesses in America are owned by women. However, those businesses employ only 6 percent of the overall workforce and generate less than 4 percent of business revenues. In order to help women who are looking to open their business, GoodCall has looked into some statistics and has come up with a list of the best 10 cities for women entrepreneurs in the U.S.

They looked at the overall number of businesses per capita in each city; the percentage of women-owned businesses; the difference in education attainment between men and women; as well as the GDP and the unemployment rates in the different cities. They then combined these factors in order to give them the “GoodCall scores”.

According to them, with the score of 352.75, Alpharetta, Georgia is the best city for women entrepreneurs. It is a suburb of Atlanta. Dublin, Ohio made the second spot with the score of 335.00. Baton Rouge, Louisiana is third with the score of 330.35. Walnut Creek, California is the fourth best city for women entrepreneurs with the score of 330.05 and Annapolis, Maryland is in the spot #5 with 329.10.

Following them are Houston, Texas with 325.45, Rockville, Maryland with 322.26, Novato, California with 322.25, Peachtree City, Georgia with 320.25 and Monterey, California with 318.80.

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