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These South Carolina Cities That Improved On Safety


Over the last decade or so, South Carolina has become one of the most popular and interesting parts of the South East, but unfortunately, the huge influx of new people has also resulted in a rise in crime figures. Some cities have handled this better than others with a mix of services and techniques as well as some advanced police programs. The following cities have improved the overall safety and security greatly over the last few years.

Gaffney, for instance, more than halved its crime rate in the period between 2007 and 2012. The police department of the town employed social media, as well as some other new and revolutionary techniques and practices and it worked.

Seneca is another South Carolina city that has done incredibly well in reducing the crime figures, especially when it comes to property crime. In the 5-year period, the city has seen a 41.93% drop in crime, which is a spectacular result.

Simpsonville was recently named one of the best towns for family life in the country and a huge part of this has been the incredible drop in crime rates that the local police department achieved. Violent crime dropped by more than 65% and the overall crime figures dropped by almost 40%.

Fort Mill is one of the fastest growing settlements in the state and thanks to some inclusion-heavy programs run by the Sherriff’s office; the city has not seen a rise in crime that you would expect from a population explosion. In fact, they have achieved a drop of almost 39% in a five-year period.

Charleston, the oldest city in the state has also benefited from the great work done by the police department which managed to reduce crime rate by 37% despite the city being a popular tourist destination.

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