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These Cities Are at Risk of Losing Power Due to Hurricanes


When it comes to hurricanes, it’s obvious that the cities that are located on the coast are always going to be more at risk than others. According to a new study that was done on climate change and the vulnerability of cities when intense hurricanes do strike, it was found that New York City and Philadelphia are currently the two most at-risk cities on the Atlantic coast.

This was a study that was conducted to see which cities are not only more susceptible to hurricanes, but which would most likely lose power if they were hit head on by one. According to this research, that took into account 150 of hurricane activity in these Atlantic and Gulf regions of America, it was shown that the residents of these two cities were at the greatest risk of losing power in such circumstances.

However, one should remember that these studies are being done not to simply scare people, they are later put to good use. These studies can eventually lead to better planning and preparation for these cities, in the event that they are hit by a massive hurricane and their power systems are compromised.

Rounding out the top five in this study were Jacksonville, Florida, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Hartford, Connecticut. It is pretty interesting to note that cities that most would expect would be most at risk, like Miami and New Orleans, which was already hit badly several times, are not in the top five.

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