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These Are The Most Christmassy-Sounding U.S. Towns


It is the day before Christmas and today we wanted to do something special for our readers. So we did some exploring and found the most Christmassy towns in all of the United States. We didn’t really try to reinvent the wheel here, but we did discover quite a few interesting ones.

Arguably the most Christmassy of these is a town called Christmas in Florida. It is home to around 1,100 residents and it appears in John Green’s Paper Towns novel. Around Christmas, the post office in the town sends out huge amounts of mail from people who want to have a “Christmas” postmark on their holiday letters. In addition to being a very Christmassy place, Christmas also boasts the largest alligator-shaped building in the world.

Christmas Cove is a village that is part of a town called South Bristol in Lincoln County, Maine. Christmas Cove is actually located on the Rutherford Island and it is famous as a resort destination for people living in the area. Quite un-Christmassy, you will also find something called Witch Island in the area, too.

There is also a town called Christmas Valley in Oregon whose name actually has very little to do with actual Christmas. Namely, the name Christmas is a corruption of the name Christman, a family of pioneers that settled in the area in the 19th century. The area was involved in a real-estate scam in the 1960s when a developer called M. Penn Phillips tried to develop the area and bring more people into the area which was deemed by a judge as, “arid, dusty, windy, isolated, [and] subject to temperature extremes.”

shutterstock_219501484Believe it or not, there is also a town in Indiana called Santa Claus, which boasts a population of just below 2,500 and one of the busiest post offices in the country. The town was originally to be called Santa Fe, but the United States Postal Service denied them the name since there was already a Santa Fe in their system. The townspeople held meetings and agreed on Santa Claus. Like we mentioned, the town post office gets thousands of letters every year and since 1914, a group of volunteers (Santa’s Elves) make it their job to reply to every single one of these letters.

In Wisconsin, there is a town called Rudolph and in the town of Rudolph, there is also a village called Rudolph and we just simply could not leave these out today. Not much is known about how the village or the town got their name, but it is highly unlikely that it had anything to do with the red-nosed reindeer.

Besides these, there are also places called Evergreen in Alabama, Dasher in Georgia, Holly Springs in Mississippi, Bethlehem in Pennsylvania, Noel in Montana, Snowflake in Arizona and North Pole in Alaska.

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