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These Are The Best U.S. Cities For Singles


Back in September 2014, single people outnumbered married people for the first time since people started tracking these numbers in the 1970s. It is therefore no wonder why so many people are wondering which U.S. cities are better suited for the single life than others. The WalletHub website did another annual study of 150 of the biggest American cities in order to find out which places are the best and worst for U.S. singles.

To this end, they looked at 25 different metrics that they believe are crucial for the singles’ experience in a city, divided into two main categories – Dating Economics and Romance & Fun.

Factors that contributed to the Dating Economics category included Restaurant Meal Costs, Movie Costs, Average Monthly Fitness Club Fees, Housing Costs, Job Growth Rate and Unemployment Rate just to name a few.

Factors that contributed to the Romance & Fun category included the likes of Percentage of Single Persons, Number of Cafes, Restaurants, Park Units and Attractions, Crime Rate, Online Dating Opportunities and such.

shutterstock_126916259The overall winner was Salt Lake City, Utah with the total score of 62.85 out of possible 100. The capital of Utah ranked 28th in the Dating Economics rankings and 10th in the Romance & Fun rankings. Salt Lake didn’t top any of the individual categories and sub-categories, but its overall numbers were good enough to earn it the top spot.

Orlando, Florida came in at spot #2, with the total score of 61.89. It did not fare that great in the Dating Economics rankings (only 73rd) but it ranked third in the Romance & Fun rankings. Tempe, Arizona came in at #3, while Atlanta, Georgia and Scottsdale, Arizona rounded off the Top 5.

The city that ranked the lowest was Yonkers, New York with the score of only 32.34. It ranked dead last in the Dating Economics rankings and 101st in the Romance & Fun rankings. Hialeah, Florida was the second lowest ranked city, while North Las Vegas, Nevada, Glendale, California and Detroit, Michigan also came in the Bottom 5.

New York came in at #139, Chicago at #133, Los Angeles at #126 while San Francisco and Honolulu came in at numbers 10 and 11, respectively.

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