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These Are The Best U.S. Cities For Foodies


The days of great food have arrived in the United States and we are seeing a bona fide renaissance which has turned most major cities into gourmand havens and foodie destinations that are more than worth a visit. So, the folks from set out on a rather difficult quest to find out which ten cities in the U.S. are the top foodie destinations.

They used quite a bit of criteria to come up with their final Top 10 list, including the number of critically acclaimed restaurants, access to healthy food and farmer markets, the percentage of residents who prefer independent restaurants, low obesity rate and the number of winners of the James Beard Award. So, what did they find out? Which U.S. cities are the ultimate destinations for foodies?

In the first place, they have Coral Gables, Florida, a city that might surprise some people, but not those who follow the local culinary scene in Florida and the U.S. in general. The city of Coral Gables is not only one of the most beautiful cities on the Livability list, but one with the most exciting and quirky cooking scenes in the country. In addition to a myriad of incredible restaurants, the city also boasts discerning diners, as well as healthy food markets as far as the eye can see.

shutterstock_9318937Omaha, Nebraska made it to #2 on the Livability list, in large thanks to the city’s ability to boast a farm-to-table movement that many cities lack. Every animal known to man is raised within miles of Omaha’s leading independent restaurants which are popping up like mushroom after rain. The city also boasts (to some people) a surprising variety of dining choices.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been on the rise for quite a few years now, with new restaurants opening up left and right and with dining crowds that prefer local joints over fast food chains. Health advocates and local farmers are also doing their best to make fresh fruit and veggies available to restaurant owners, turning their businesses into something truly special.

In the fourth place is Rockville, Maryland which is now pretty much playing the role of Washington’s and Baltimore’s food court, only in a sophisticated and bold new way; and in the fifth is Duluth, Minnesota with a culinary scene which is as diverse as that in cities five times its size.

Other cities that made the Livability list include Stamford, Connecticut; Bellevue, Washington; Burlington, Vermont; Tempe, Arizona and Walnut Creek, California.


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