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These Are The Best American Cities To Retire In


Finding the best place to retire can be a troublesome task. The chosen city should be warm, cheap, have low taxes, good transportation, nice people, good entertainment… The list just goes on. So, how can you make a decision?

Lucky for you, there are people whose job it is to do this kind of research. 172 US cities have been ranked by based on their crime rate, weather, taxes, cost of living, health care quality, and walkability. The results they got were surprising, to say the least.

The top ten places to retire include:

1. Phoenix metro area, Arizona

2. Arlington/Alexandria, Virginia

3. Prescott, Arizona

4. Tuscon, Arizona

5. Des Moines, Iowa

6. Denver, Colorado

7. Austin, Texas

8. Cape Coral, Florida

9. Colorado Springs, Colorado

10. Franklin, Tennessee

Contrary to all expectations, Florida did not do well on this list, as only one of its cities made it into the top ten. The reason behind this is the recent increase in the cost of living, as well as the crime rate of some areas.

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