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These Are Colorado’s Most Dangerous Cities


Colorado is usually not considered a particularly dangerous or crime-ridden state. In yearly statistics, the Centennial State traditionally ranks somewhere in the middle. Since marijuana became legal in the state, there has been more talk about the crime figures, but for the most part, Colorado sort of remains in the middle of the pack.

RoadSnacks did a study recently and they looked at the last three years of FBI’s Uniform Crime Report data in order to find out which are the most dangerous cities in Colorado. They looked at property crimes numbers and the violent crimes numbers for cities that have more than 5,000 people.

According to the study, the most dangerous city in Colorado is Pueblo which ranks first in violent crime and second in property crime. The next on the list is Federal Heights whose third place on violent crime list and fourth place on property crime list were enough for second place. In third place, we find Vail which mainly landed at #3 because it ranked third in property crime. Two cities that also made it to top 5 are Lakewood and Sheridan.

In addition to these 5, other Colorado cities that made the list of the most dangerous cities in the state include: Grand Junction, Colorado Springs, Denver (second in violent crimes), Canon City and Glenwood Springs.

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