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The Next 12 Cities To Legalize Gambling

There is no denying that gambling is a boon for cities and states needing tax revenue and tourism dollars; however, the social implications of legalizing gambling are just as important. Given the increasing number of casinos opening up throughout the US it is likely that advocates of gambling will continue to advocate legalization. With Las Vegas and Atlantic City already having legalized gambling here’s a list of the 12 cities that are most likely to follow suit in the next few years.

1. Washington, D.C.

Even though many states are opting to lessen restrictions banning gambling, it is unlikely that the nation’s capital will follow suit anytime soon. However, given that D.C. is just a stone’s throw away from National Harbor, MD where MGM just won a contract to build a state of the art $925 million casino there may be increasing pressure for legalizing gambling in the city.

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