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The Most Liberal Cities In The US

There are quite a few stereotypes when it comes to how liberal different parts of the U.S. are. For instance, most people believe that a big city will always be liberal, that the South will always be less liberal than the North and that cities with large immigrant population will be more liberal than those with smaller immigrant communities. However, things are not always as you would expect them to be.

For instance, Forbes recently did a study in which they looked at cities with population of over 250,000 and ranked them based on the way in which the city governments reflected the beliefs held by the residents of said cities. They also factored in the education and the universities in particular.

Boulder, Colorado and Seattle, Washington top the list and for the most part of it, this has to do with the fact that these two cities both legalized marijuana as of lately, thus projecting an extremely liberal bias. In addition to this, the University of Colorado, located in Boulder is an exquisite liberal school which influences the economy of the area, as well as the population in general.

It is no surprise to find San Francisco on the list, a city which has for decades been one of the more liberal parts of the country. High on the list are also New York City, Boston and Washington D.C. with perhaps the biggest surprise being Baltimore, a city that has become notorious for its crime figures.

It seems that crime does not prevent city from being a liberal one.

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