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The Most Expensive City In North America Is…


Boston is the most expensive city in North America based on the cost of its lodging.

Those are the results according to a new survey from They compared 30 destinations in the United States and Canada and used hotel rates during the month of October to serve as the comparative basis.

The majority of big cities reach their highest hotel rates during October, so that month is the most suitable to undertake such a comparison. Only those hotels having a positive average client rating and those that are located no more than a mile from the city center, have been considered.

In Boston, visitors will have to pay an average of $214 per night, and that’s for the most affordable double room. Thus the capital of Massachusetts is significantly more expensive than both Chicago and New York City. These two metropolitan cities rank second and third most expensive, respectively. Average overnight rates of $155 in the Windy City and $154 in the Big Apple earned Chicago and NYC the number two and three spots.

The least expensive destination is Montreal. There, travelers should be able to find a room for around $50 per night this October. In Calgary, however, the hotel rates are more than double those of Montreal. With an average nightly rate of $103, Calgary comes in as the most expensive among the Canadian cities.

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