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The City On Fire: Ashville Is One Of The Smartest City


The city of Asheville has topped a list within a list. This city is on fire!

Forbes named Asheville one of the smartest cities in America, at least for the “small smart set,” the article says. It ranked eighth on this subset.

So why does Forbes think it’s “smart”? They had several categories: Growth rate in the number of residents with at least a bachelor’s degree, collecting data from 2000 through 2013, and the share of these people in the population in 2013.

They credit Asheville’s ranking also because it’s one of those “attractive small towns that have lured many down-shifting, but often well educated, boomers.”

This ranking comes days after USA Today named UNC Asheville one of the top five liberal arts colleges, and encouraged readers to apply. Asheville and related entities have appeared on around 30 lists this in 2014 alone.

More on Ashville, National Geographic Travel named Asheville as an “up-and-coming” city in the new book, “World’s Best Cities: Celebrating 220 Great Destinations.”

The book dubbed Asheville “a mecca of awesome mountain scenery, bohemian art and high southern cuisine.”

Take a ride through this amazing place.

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