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The Best International Films Are Coming To Cleveland


From March 18th to 29th, Cleveland will be hosting the Annual Cleveland International Film Festival, one of the most renowned film festivals in the United States and one that truly brings the world to Ohio.

The festival, the 39th annual, will be taking place at its usual spot, the Tower City Cinemas, smack in the middle of downtown Cleveland, a stone’s throw from the most popular hotels in the city and connected to the airport and the rest of the city so you should have no troubles coming in on time.

One of the best things about the Annual Cleveland International Film Festival is that it gives the visitors an opportunity to see movies that they would never be able to see in regular cinemas, from short international movies to poignant documentaries and the best the world has to offer when cinema is in question. And this is all happening 12 hours every day for almost two weeks.

In addition to all of the incredible films, Cleveland will also host the filmmakers who come to present their work and who will be present at the screenings and afterwards. For instance, last year, more than 200 filmmakers from all over the world came to the festival and met with the visitors.

This year’s festival is centered around the idea of inspiration, more precisely The Home for Inspiration. As the festival’s marketing director Debby Samples puts it, “That’s why we do this. We give the filmmakers an opportunity to show these films and, ultimately, change the world”.

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