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The Benefit Of Marijuana Tours Is Pure Money


On January 1, Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana. A whole nation of weed smokers, lit one up to celebrate the occasion.

Nick Remaklus, from Kentucky, was one of them. As soon as he got some time off, he went to Denver to check out the smokers’ oasis.

“It was great. I took a wonderful tour and learned so much about the industry. It just felt great to know I wasn’t doing something illegal.”

Tours are now avalable in Denver and Seattle, transforming them into marijuana meccas with everything from the old-fashioned weed sampling to first-class cooking classes where visitors can learn to make THC-infused stuffed bell peppers. Ryan Griego, managing partner at Cannasseur, a recreational dispensary in southern Colorado, said that revenues keep coming.

“We’ve found that upwards of 80 percent of our revenue is coming from bordering states that have not yet legalized recreational marijuana.”

Most visitors are from Texas, Kansas and Utah.

With 22 million Americans who smoke weed, two states offering legal recreation, a new wave of “ganjapreneurs” is ready to cash in.

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