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The 14 Weirdest Names for American Cities

No name-flickr-No Name Canyon-Giant Ginkgo
Photo credit: Giant Ginkgo / Flickr

What prompts the founders to name a town Why? Or, Why Not? Some names are humorous and suggestive, but not too hard to accept: Some are laughably direct, honest or quirky: Hoop and Holler, TX or Bird in Hand, PA. Some might even make their residents blush, but they stick.

But, others — well here are 14 of what could be the weirdest:

1. No Name, CO

No mystery here, really; the little town is near No Name Canyon and No Name Creek. When the highway was a-building, a government employee identified the highway exit on the map with the notation, No Name. When discussion of a proper name for the settlement came up, residents decided they were just fine with what they had, and the “name” became official. Other towns have streets named “Nonesuch;” we don’t know if there’s a Nonesuch in No Name!

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