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The 25 Most Dangerous Cities In The USA

6. Atlanta, Georgia

The capital city of the great state of Georgia is unfortunately not doing so well when it comes to its current crime rates, according to data collected by multiple websites. In fact, the Huffington Posts reports that the first 6 months of 2013 saw violent crimes increase substantially from the year before.

Business Insider also commented that the city is also well known as one of the main illegal drug trafficking hubs on the east coast due in large part to the many highways running through the city. The chances of an Atlanta resident becoming a victim of a violent or property crime within city limits is very high at 1 in 12, according to Neighborhood Scout data.

If that isn’t enough to worry potential home buyers, Business Insider also shows alarming statistics that in 2012 alone, the city had a rate of 521 robberies per 100,000 people. According to data collected and analyzed by Neighborhood Scout, Atlanta has a safety score of 1, making it safer than a measly 1 percent of the rest of the cities in the US.

This data also shows that within the state of Georgia itself, 96 percent of the other communities have a lower crime rate. The Huffington Post did comment on the fact that violent crimes in the city overall were actually down by 10 percent overall from 2012 but things were bad enough that Atlanta is still ranked as one of the most dangerous cities to live in the US.

Neighborhood Scout goes on to warn visitors and residents alike that the chances for residents to become involved in violent crimes in the city is 1 in 70 and for property related crimes the chances are at 1 in 14. Those numbers are all pretty frightening and should stand as a fair warning to those who may be considering a transplant to Atlanta anytime in the near future.

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