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The 25 Most Dangerous Cities In The USA

5. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Crime rates in the city of Milwaukee have been increasing at a rapid pace over the last several years seeing the city jumping from the mid-twenties on several most dangerous lists in 2013 to the number 10 spot on The Huffington Posts list this year.

Neighborhood Scout reports that the average crime rate in Milwaukee is at 64 per 1,000 residents clearly making this mid-western city one of the most dangerous in the country when compared to all other cities both large and small.

Business Insider revealed that the chief of police in the city of Milwaukee has been quoted in the past stating that about 85 percent of the shootings in the city involve residents with extensive criminal records. Those numbers alone are frightening enough, but unfortunately there is more bad news for residents of the city.

According to analysis of the FBI’s reported crime data analyzed by Neighborhood Scout, the chances of citizens in Milwaukee being involved in a violent crime is 1 in 66. If that doesn’t convince residents to stay indoors we’re not sure what else will.

The website went on to reveal that these crimes include murder, forcible rape, aggravated assault and armed robbery. In 2012, the statistics gathered at Business Insider show that forcible rapes in the city were at a staggering 38 per 100,000 people, and the city also has one of the highest murder rates out of any other city of its size in the US.

Once again, Neighborhood Scout highlighted that property crimes are also very common in Milwaukee with the chance of getting your car stolen within city limits at a rate of 1 in 125 and the chance of being a victim of other property crimes including arson or larceny at a rate of 1 in 20. Considering poor statistics like these, it is no wonder the city of Milwaukee made our top 10.

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