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The 12 Best Values In College Education – Go To These Schools!

Today, study at the university level routinely stretches beyond four years for bachelor’s degrees. It’s essential to find a college with on-time graduations, high graduation rates, and low student debt upon graduation. Stratospheric tuition costs mean that a mistake at the university level could mean serious economic consequences, especially when many students are finding it necessary to stay in college for six years to get a degree. Here are the 12 best schools for high graduation rates and student satisfaction.

1. College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia

Virginia’s College of William and Mary was established in the 1600s and has been offering students exceptional education for centuries. W&M was the second college established in the United States (or what would become the United States). 82% of students graduate within four years and a healthy 95.3% of freshmen return for a second year. Out-of-state tuition is fairly pricey at $37,852, but graduates have fairly low debt at graduation that’s around $21,000.

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