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Texas City Off-Limits For Its Residents

“Right now is not the time to return to your homes.”

These are the words of advice that Ken Bell, the Fire Marshal in San Marcos, Texas had for his fellow residents. San Marcos is the among the hardest-hit parts of North Texas which has been experiencing the most dramatic floods together with parts of Oklahoma since Sunday. Bell also added:

“We have infrastructure damage throughout the entire county. There are power lines down, debris in the roadways, bridges undermined — this is not the time to start moving.”

Hays County, of which San Marcos is the capital, has already seen one dead fireman and more missing according to the latest reports. Hundreds of people had to be rescued and National Guard troops had to be deployed in order to aid with the evacuations and flood control.

Hays County Judge Bert Cobb who is also presiding over the emergency management operations in the country said:

“Turn around, don’t drown. If you go around a water barrier, there may not be anybody to come help you … so just don’t do that.

He added:

“If you think you can make it — think twice.” 

Hays County was not the only one hit, with reports coming from all over Oklahoma and Northern Texas about the damage and loss of human life. Near Houston, the area around Louis Creek Dam is being evacuated and the workers are doing everything in their power to further fortify the dam.  In Wichita Falls, there are warnings that the river might overflow and flood large parts of the city.

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