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Take Down That Ugly Christmas Tree!

The residents of a Pennsylvania town are complaining that a tree standing at the corner of 5th and Penn in Reading is too ugly and they want to take it down.

The town’s 50-foot spruce has angered residents who are saying that it’s completely ruining the holidays for them. Now, that’s a pretty strange allegation if I’ve ever heard one.

Residents have organized themselves. They are led by the city council and are currently raising money. “What are they raising money for?” you may be asking yourself. They was to buy a better, more beautiful tree, and get some better decorations for it. Right now, the tree is topped with a lit up pretzel, which is apparently not good enough for the residents of the town.

This whole thing seems to be a giant misunderstanding. The tree was a last minute effort by the local government to find a replacement for the originally planned for pine. They took it from a city park. The original tree was supposed to come from a local farmer, but when workers came to pick up the tree, the farmer wouldn’t let them drive over a specific batch of his property.

The question is what the local authorities are going to do about the traditional tree-lighting ceremony. It’s at times like this that we remember the importance of local traditions.

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