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Study: Baltimore Teens Living Worse Than Their Nigerian Peers

After recent events and riots in the city, the world is probably very much aware of the level of turmoil in Baltimore, especially when it comes to low-income communities in the city. A recent report has confirmed staggering and tragic findings, stating that there are teenagers living in worst parts of Baltimore that are living worse than teenagers in the fairly underdeveloped African country of Nigeria.

While everyone’s first association when it comes to poverty is probably the often war-torn and struggling countries of Africa, it’s incredibly shocking to find that there are teenagers who are living in worse conditions while being located only about 40 miles from the country’s capital.

According to the study, teenagers from Baltimore and from Johannesburg, South Africa see their communities and where they live more negatively than teenagers in any other location. These two countries have both the smallest percentage of teenagers who feel safe in their communities, and the highest percentage who have witnesses violence firsthand.

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