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Skies Twinkle In Pennsylvania

This is an amazing place for a starry night. The precise coordinates on Earth, 41.6501 degrees north, 77.8164 degrees west, of Cherry Springs State Park are a window onto the Milky Way’s nucleus.

There are several other reasons to love this place. The park, in Pennsylvania’s Potter County, sits atop a 2,300-foot high Allegheny Plateau, surrounded by the remote Susquehannock State Forest. In addition, the nights are darker here in the world’s second Gold Tier-ranked Dark Sky Park (the International Dark-Sky Association’s highest rating for stargazers) than in many places across the country.

On a good night, you can see more than 10,000 stars. The park has shielded its lights and has converted its visible white light to red light, a color complement to the park’s trees. There’s no place like this.

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