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Short Films At Their Rawest – Open Projector Night At The Hammer

On Wednesday 21st, The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles will host another annual short film festival, named Open Projector Night. For those of you who think that they have what it takes, this is the perfect opportunity to hear the real, raw feedback.

The festival is famous for being the most honest and brutal in the world of short film festivals as the attendants are encouraged to cheer and boo as they see fit. For those who are not sure that they can take it, they probably cannot.

On the other hand, if you have a short film that you are particularly proud of and you think people need to see it, you should definitely put it forward. Anyone can apply their film, as long as it is under 10 minutes long and as long as you bring it between 7:00 and 7:30 Pacific Time.

Popcorn is free and three winners can expect to receive prizes.

The event has plenty of star power behind it, with the famous brother duo Sklar Brothers behind it and with one of the financiers of the event being Leonard Nimoy, only the fricking Dr. Spock.

The festival has seen some great films in its past and there is no reason why this year would be any different. In any case, the event is so much fun and a true hit by any standard.

The cheers and the boos alone make it worth a trip to The Hammer Museum.

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