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Seattle, A City Where You Can Walk Freely


A recent study by Liberty Mutual Insurance found Seattle to be the safest city in America for pedestrians. The Emerald City has 108,000 residents traveling by foot or bike on daily basis, and less than ten pedestrian deaths a year.

While a crunchy west coast city on the top of the list isn’t overly shocking, the rest of the safest cities may surprise you. Especially number two.

Coming in at number two is Boston, a city known for its dangerous roads and high accident rates. Interestingly enough, Boston is the second most dangerous city in America for cars, but not for the people behind the wheel or on the sidewalks.

Bostonians crash every 4.4 years, according to Allstate’s ‘America’s Best Drivers’ study, but drivers in Massachusetts have the lowest dying rates in those crashes in the country.

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