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Sea Trees Could Be Refuge for Cities’ Wildlife


One of the biggest problems with the way that we are growing in this world is that our growth rate is often not sustainable. We use more natural resources faster than the Earth is able to give them to us, along with a whole host of other problems. One of the biggest problems with growing cities is that the people who are entering the city are pushing out the wildlife.

As more and more space is giving to buildings where people are going to live, we tend to completely forget that we are getting rid of the natural places where the wild animals of that community are living.

This is a big problem, but thankfully, there are people in this world who are trying to do something about it. Now, homes are being built for this animals, but they are not regular homes – they are more like tree houses.

This plan is being led by a Dutch company that is creating floating objects that they are called “sea trees” in many big cities. They float near the cities and they give birds, insects, bats, and small water-living animals a place to live without having to leave the city entirely. The technology of these sea trees is based on what is used in oil storage towards, providing rows of platforms that are able to give these animals a place to live within the city structure. It’s pretty brilliant.

Hopefully, these types of ideas are adopted by many more cities around the world that are facing similar problems.


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