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Scary But Beautiful: Old Car City USA


Cadillacs sinking slowly into the ground, a ’67 GTO peering out from the weeds, vines curling around the mirrors, pre-safety glass windshields starred and fogged from decades of quiet resting in the forgotten woods.

There are more than six miles of trails in and around the Georgia forest land that welcomes these vivid scenes of abandonment, and the owner, Dean Lewis, knows exactly how striking and beautiful it is.

A sign on the fence reads “CARS, ART, NATURE, HISTORY.” That pretty much sums up his approach to his 34-acre vintage car graveyard pretty well. Actually, calling it a graveyard might lead to the wrong impression; “adventure land” would probably sound better.

Dean calls it “Photographers Paradise,” and that works too, although you don’t have to be behind the lens to enjoy walking the trails of Old Car City, USA. If you are a car junkie, it’s a bit like walking the Louvre, if that famous museum had left the Mona Lisa outside for 25 years.

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