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San Fran’s Hottest Comedy Event Of The Winter

Until February 8th, San Francisco is once again playing home for pretty much everyone from the world of comedy in the US as part of the 14th annual SF Sketchfest.

SF Sketchfest had humble beginnings, but over the years it has grown into a very special mix of national headliners, up-and-comers, local favorites and everyone in between. In short, everyone who has something to do with comedy and is worth your time will be at SF Sketchfest and this year is no different.

You can expect to get your sides split by some of the best stand-up and variety performers working today like Eddie Pepitone, Brian McCann, Emo Philips, Jon Daly, Kevin McDonald, Margaret Cho, Rory Scovel, Van Jam with the Spanglers, just to name a few.

You will also be able to check out some of your favorite podcasts in person, like The Dana Gould Hour, Jordan, Jesse, Go!, Sex Nerd Sandra, The Todd Glass Show and many, many others.

One thing that everyone will want to see is The Great Debate – Ferris Bueller: American Hero or the Man Directly Responsible for the Downfall of our Once Great Land? This is not the kind of stuff you get to see every day.

There will also be a 30th Anniversary Screening of Back to the Future, with Christopher Lloyd in attendance and Scott Adsit moderating. The complete cast of VEEP is also going to attend their SF Sketchfest tribute in person.

The guys from the Spinal Tap will also be there.

Remember, this is just scratching the surface. SF Sketchfest is kicking ass once again!

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