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San Francisco Police Find A Bag With Body Parts


San Francisco is starting to look like the city it was in the 1970s during the gruesome reign of the Zodiac Killer. On January 29th, the SFPD found a suitcase filled with human body parts when responding to a suspicious package call.

It was determined by the San Francisco medical examiner that the parts of the body found in the suitcase were indeed human remains and that they are a result of a yet unidentified person being dismembered.

Officer Grace Gatpandan said that “We (SFPD) do have people of interest that homicide investigators are speaking to”. The police work is not stopping at that. She said that detectives are also looking into surveillance camera footage from the area and that the police are also looking for a suspect. The suspect remained unknown in order not to jeopardize the investigation and apprehension.

The suitcase was retrieved in the mission District, 11th Street by officers responding to a suspicious package call. The police immediately closed off the area for the duration of the preliminary investigation.

Soon after, The Los Angeles Times came out with a report that additional remains were found at three new locations within the same area. The police spokeswoman did not comment on these reports. She also added that the age and the gender of the person whose remains were found are not yet known but she did add that there were other items found in the suitcase.

It is safe to say that San Francisco feels like back in the bad old days.

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