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Romance Is Coming To Seattle Via Flowers and Gardens

If you live in Seattle or if you find yourself in or around the city in the period between February 11th and 15th, there is one place that you must not miss and a show you have to experience – The Northwest Flower & Garden Show, the biggest in the Northwest. It is a perfect thing to do on Valentine’s Day or around it.

The show has been around since 1989, meaning more than quarter of the century and it has truly grown into the premiere garden and flower showcase in this part of the US. It is traditionally held in the gorgeous Washington State Convention Center and this is the home for this year’s show as well.

The main attraction of the show will definitely be the Show Gardens where the most respected landscapers and garden designers from the region show off their skills and ideas that turn gardening into an art form.

In addition to the main attraction, you will also be able to check the City Living and the Floral Competition features which show off the skills of those who work on a less grander scale. Still, it is a great way to check out what you yourself can do when it comes to flowers and gardens.

Furthermore, you will be able to find everything that you might ever need for your own gardening needs and wants at the Marketplace which will feature the products and services of everyone who is something in the gardening industry in the Northwest.

Finally, do not miss out on a number of free seminars which account for the largest roster of such seminars in the world, all done by the most respected horticulturists from whom you will learn a lot.

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