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Providence Is America’s Favorite City In 2014

Travel and Leisure Magazine named Providence “America’s Favorite City”. The list was compiled from the results of a 50,000-vote online survey about 38 cities and is included in the magazine’s November issue.

The city also ranked first in three subcategories, including geeky people, diners and bakeries. Furthermore, the city placed high in many other arenas, including art scene, pizza, hip and cool people, food trucks, gay-friendly vacation destination and theater. According to Travel and Leisure’s website, the poll asked respondents to rank cities in up to 67 categories on a scale from one to five.

Brian Hodge, communications and social media manager for the Providence Warwick Convention and Visitors Bureau, said it was no surprise, as the city is friendly.

“I think they see what a lot of visitors and conventioneers and residents see — they see a city that’s manageable and accessible and friendly, that has a really high quality of life. They experience these amenities and restaurants and cultural and art attractions on a very convenient scale.”

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