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Portland Is A Hiker’s Paradise


The largest city in the state of Oregon and the seat of the Multnomah County, Portland offers its visitors and inhabitants all the beauties of being a laboratory of pretty much everything that is hip and cool in North America at the moment. Funny hats, urban gardening, food trucks, bike lovers, bajillion brewpubs, beautiful ports and, most importantly at least 60 nearby hiking trails that lead to splendid sights such as lakes, waterfalls, and view-affording mountaintops.

Few places in America offer such awe-inspiring urban green spaces, with views of the Cascade Range and solitude within the city. We did some research and some of the places you should go and visit if you’re looking for a good hike are: Tryon Creek State Park, Pittock Mansion, Mount Tabor, Washington Park, and Powell Butte Nature Park. Whether you’re looking for parks in major metropolitan areas, phenomenal camping sites, breathtaking views or just some quality time spent while stretching your legs, search no more – hiking in Portland’s the thing for you.

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