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Old Technology Prevents 911 Centers From Doing Their Jobs


There is nothing that affects the final outcome of a 911 call more dramatically than the time it takes the paramedics to reach the place where the emergency is taking place. Time is of vital importance there and it truly can make the difference between life and death.

Well, what would you say if you knew that the majority of 911 centers have outdated technology that can substantially prolong the time needed for the paramedics to arrive at the scene?

An investigation by the reporters from NBC News in partnership with Connect discovered that just such a thing is taking place in most cities in America. Namely, due to outdated and obsolete technology and practices around 60 percent of all callers to the 911 call center cannot be located by the emergency dispatchers.

The consequences of this horrifying trend can be seen all over the country, like, for instance, in the case of Shanell Anderson, last December. Namely, Anderson accidentally drove into a pond in the suburbs of Atlanta and she dialed the emergency service as soon as her SUV started to sink. She called 911 and she kept repeating her location on and on again, but the dispatchers were unable to find her on their map. The emergency services did reach Shanell, 20 minutes after her call which proved to be too late.

It is simply staggering that something like this is happening in 2015 and not only that; it is a trend! Something definitely needs to be done about this and soon.

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