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Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities In The U.S.


November is upon us and many guys will be taking part in Movember, celebrating being guys and raising awareness of a number of men’s health issues. Other guys might also be celebrating No-Shave November, a similar cause. In any case, get ready for some serious facial hair coming your way in the next 30 days or so.

In recognition of the hairy November, we are reminding everyone of the list from Wahl (who make men’s grooming products, by the way) ranking  20 most facial hair friendly cities in the country. Before you start getting all irate and annoyed by the lack of actual data and scientific analysis, you should know that this is not being advertised as anything but a bit of fun.

They did, however say that they used an “in-depth analysis of the online universe over the past two years for beard and mustache positivity.” In short, the cities that made their list showed the most support towards facial hair online.

So, who made the list?

Well, Washington, D.C. was the winner, followed closely by Los Angeles, CA and Seattle, WA. San Francisco, CA and Nashville, TN round off the top 5. The rest of the list is as follows:

#6 – Denver, CO

#7 – Chicago, IL

#8 – New York, NY

#9 – San Diego, CA

#10 –  Indianapolis, IN

#11 – Sacramento, CA

#12 – Omaha, NE

#13 – Fresno, CA

#14 – Atlanta, GA

#15 – Miami, FL

#16 – Minneapolis, MN

#17 – Boston, MA

#18 – Kansas City, MO

#19 – Dallas, TX

#20 – Las Vegas, NV

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