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Most Expensive U.S. Cities For Singles


When different organizations or websites do research on various living costs and other similar topics, they usually look at families and the way different cities provide for such units. GoBankingRates decided to do something different when they looked at 89 U.S. cities and investigated how high certain costs are there, namely things that most affect singles, such as wardrobe staples prices, date night expenses, rent and gym memberships.

As you might have expected, San Francisco, CA tops the list and it is mostly because of the rent prices which are higher than in any other part of the country. For instance, rent prices in Honolulu (the second most expensive city when rent is in question) are more than 30 percent lower than in San Fran. Date nights are also quite expensive in San Francisco.

New York City, NY is the second on their list, with costs being high all across the board. They topped the gym membership price ranking, while their clothing staple costs are second highest in the country. Date nights also don’t come cheap in the Big Apple.

Washington D.C. is the third most expensive city for singles in the U.S., thanks to high rent prices, enormous date night costs and expensive gym membership fees. Honolulu, HI comes in at #4 mostly thanks to its rent costs while Boston, MA comes in at fifth place once again because of the costs of renting living space.

The five cities that round off the Top 10 include Fremont, CA; Glendale, CA; Anchorage, AK; Miami, FL and Seattle, WA.

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