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Most Breath-Taking College Campuses In The US

When choosing a college, the look of the campus will most likely not be crucial in the decision making, but it is definitely a factor. There is nothing like taking a break on a beautiful campus that will enable you to get back to educating yourself with your batteries recharged. The following colleges have the most gorgeous campuses in the US.

Elon University regularly tops the lists of the most beautiful campuses in the US and it has everything to do with the fact that its wooded grounds have been turned into a botanical garden with the greenery that is far above anything else in the US.

Kenyon University in Ohio is well-known for the Gothic Revival architecture of its buildings, as well as its rustic and old-timey feel that you cannot escape. It is particularly beautiful in autumn when the leaves turn and produce a stunning effect.

Another campus that will knock your socks off is definitely the one at Sewanee: The University of South, with its unique Goth-style architecture, giant interior spaces and perfectly tended lawns and gardens.

Pepperdine University in the Catalina Islands is the perfect campus for fans of the ocean as it overlooks the Pacific and offers memorable vistas of the foaming ocean. It also features plenty of Mediterranean architecture and landscaping solutions.

University of Hawaii at Manoa is another university that lets its vicinity of the Pacific do the talking. It is within walking distance from Waikiki beach and its campus offers views of the Diamon Head volcano. It is a wonder how anyone actually manages to learn something in a campus that beautiful.

Furman University in South Carolina has a campus that is arranged around the famous lake which dominates the entire campus. It also features the Bell Tower which can be seen from pretty much anywhere on the campus. It is also incredibly lush.

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