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Miami’s English Center Proves Worth Of Adult Education


When education is discussed in the United States, the conversation rarely revolves around adult education. If it is not K-12, most people stop paying attention. In reality, adult education is very important, especially in those parts of the country that see a large immigrant influx. One such adult education facility that has been working at its full capacity since it was opened is The English Center in Miami, Florida.

As you might have already guessed, the primary focus of The English Center is teaching English language to adult immigrants who may come to the U.S. with more than respectable education, references, and skills, but who will find it near impossible to find employment because of the language barrier.

The demand for the courses at the Center is so great that it is open 7 days a week, both mornings and evenings. A big part of it is that the Center teaches other courses besides language. For instance, many people who attend it also take courses in cosmetology or computer network management, just to name a few. In short, The English Center provides them with language skills they will need but also with a trade if they are in need of one.

In addition to offering classes at very, very affordable prices, The English Center also provides free on-site child care for students with children. Many Miami residents will agree that The English Center is one of city’s unsung heroes, a true gem that makes people’s lives better without boasting about it.

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