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Meet Maryland’s Youngest Mayor Ever

Brandon Paulin has been elected mayor of Indiana Head, despite being only 19 years old. He is now the youngest mayor in the history of Maryland, and he has big plans for his small town.

Though Indian Head is only an hour’s drive away from Washington D.C., the location has been less than helpful. When on the way from this town to the Capital, one passes by numerous vacant buildings that were once used for business purposes.

The town’s economy has been spiraling down ever since the shopping malls in nearby cities started attracting all the customers. Numerous buildings in Indian Head are now deserted and the once booming town is sinking. The newly appointed mayor is determined to fight this situation by increasing taxes on empty buildings, which he hopes will urge owners to establish new businesses there.

Paulin entered politics when he was just 10 years old, and is now taking college classes online. At the end of the day, it seems the people of Indian Head do not mind his young age one bit.


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