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Lexington Residents Want To Move Halloween


It is not every day you learn that the citizens of a certain city in the U.S. are looking to move a major holiday. Well, this is exactly what some people of Lexington, Kentucky are hoping to do with Halloween which, as it always does, falls on October 31. More precisely, they are trying to get the city council to move Halloween one day forward, to Oct. 30.

The story may sound ludicrous at first, but they do have a point. Namely, on October 31, a couple of huge sporting events are scheduled to take place in Lexington and some residents are worried that their children might not be safe when they go trick-or-treating.

The first of these events is the University of Kentucky football team home game which always attracts a huge number of spectators and out-of-town visitors, many of which are often inebriated. The second event is the Breeders’ Cup, one of the most famous and best-attended horse races in the country.

Even though the city’s police department has assured the people of Lexington that they are more than able to handle the crowds and the traffic, some parents are still worried about their children and they have started a petition. When they reach 1,000 signatures, they plan on taking the matter to the City Council.

The funniest part of the whole story is that trick-or-treating was already moved to Nov. 1 in Lexington in 2013, when there was a warning of an impending storm on the traditional date.

Always troubles with Halloween and Lexington.

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