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An explosion of color greets all autumn travelers. On 6 million acres with more than 3,000 lakes, rivers, streams and ponds, the enormous Adirondack Park in northern New York spans over more than 30 per cent of the total region in New York state.

You can choose your outdoor activities: Hiking, camping, canoeing, hunting, fishing, trapping, snowmobiling, skiing, mountain biking and rock climbing. They should be able to please outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure, relaxation or close contact with nature at its finest.

Within the park, the Adirondack Forest Preserve contains 2.6 million acres of state land and thousands of lakes, making it a great location for salmon and trout fishing from April through October. The Adirondacks also offer one of the longest seasons for fall foliage in the entire country, with lovely leaf peeping from early September to mid-to-late October.

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