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Kids In South Carolina Will Have NRA-Approved “Gun Appreciation” Lessons?


South Carolina Republican legislator Alan Clemmons introduced the so-called Second Amendment Education Act in the hopes that a mandatory high school course on the Constitution will, in the future, include a three-week focus on the Second Amendment.

He told interviewers from U.S. News that he is utterly infuriated with the case of “zero tolerance” a certain school exercised when a South Caroline teen was suspended and arrested in 2014 because of a creative writing assignment that ended up being on killing a dinosaur.

In Clemmons’ opinion, the South Carolina schools are “glossing over” the Second Amendment and churning out students who – “ will know nothing about the Second Amendment … and will believe the gun itself is an evil instrument.”

The legislation got its first supporter in Mick Zais who happens to be the outgoing state superintendent and who is very supportive of this bill.

Perhaps the most controversial part of the entire story is that, at least according to Clemmons, the NRA would have a prominent role in the crafting of the actual curriculum, something that gun control advocates will definitely not be able to stomach.

The bill also proposes artistic contests in schools which would accompany the celebration of the December 15th as the Second Amendment Awareness Day and which would once and for all affirm that every student has the right to “political, written, or artistic expression” in reference to guns.

This is definitely not the kind of bill that you see every day.

What do you think, is more guns something schools in the US really need?

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