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Hottest Real Estate Markets In The US


We are all aware that real-estate prices have started increasing after hitting recession lows. has decided to help potential buyers by listing the most competitive housing markets in the US. What this means is that these places are attractive for both sellers and buyers. They have also analyzed the price growth forecasts for a year.
So, here we go. The hottest housing markets in the US are:
5. Sacramento Metro, California
This city is going through a real estate Rennaisance, with sales figures being the highest in the last seven years. Sacramento Metro is a bit tough on first-time buyers, but it is attractive nonetheless.
4. San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont Metro, California
The Bay Area is notorious for a very low inventory of affordable and available housing due to the flourishing economy in the region. This has also become a social problem.
3. Oxnard Metro, California
Oxnard is the place to go if you are looking for good prices and availability. Many of the projects that were dropped over a decade ago due to bad economy are being restarted, and things are looking good. However, some claim that Oxnard has reached its peak as a housing market.
2. San Jose Metro, California
This city has the development of technology to thank for its improved situation when it comes to housing. People trying to get a good job in the area are turning the real estate game into a real sport, but they seem to be getting a bit tired from playing.
1. Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach Metro, Florida
Miami has a stable market and low interest rates, which is appealing not only to domestic buyers, but to people overseas as well. Seller confidence is increasing, so more and more houses and condos are finding their places on the listings. However, all the competition taking place in Miami can be terrifying for a first-time buyer.

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