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Here’s Where Football Fans Should Retire

Some people just love football and they cannot imagine living somewhere where they cannot experience a pro or a college game when the season is on. Unfortunately for them, places where people go to retire are often a ways from all football happenings.

In order to help retiring football fans, Bankrate has looked at nearly 200 cities in America, focused on those that have at least one pro or college team and then took into consideration a number of other factors, such as tax rates, weather, crime rate, health care quality and others that are of interest to retirees. In the end, they compiled a list of 10 cities in the United States where football fans can retire and still enjoy their favorite sport.

According to them, the best retirement city for football fans is Houston, Texas. The city boasts four college football teams and, of course, the Houston Texans. The biggest draw of Houston is the fact that there is no state income tax. Also, the winters are quite mild. The second best is Tampa, Florida, with Tampa Bay Buccaneers and South Florida Bulls – a college team. It is an affordable place to live, once again with no state income tax and beautiful beaches.

In third place is Tucson, Arizona, which may only boast a college team, the Arizona Wildcats, but which is crazy for their team. Also, the city has amazing outdoor activity facilities, as well as low taxes. Coming in at number 4 is Minneapolis, Minnesota which is home to the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Golden Gophers. The city also has amazing health care and great recreational and cultural activities. Rounding off the top 5 is Nashville, Tennessee, home of three great college teams. Nashville also doesn’t collect state income tax, the living costs are low and the entertainment is somewhat geared towards seniors.

Other cities that made the list include Denver, CO, Seattle, WA, San Diego, CA, Austin, TX and Colorado Springs, CO.

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