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Five Cities Awarded UNESCO City Of Design Status

The design industry has really witnesses a rebirth recently when it comes to cities that have forward-thinking design concepts implemented into their cultural landscapes. And UNESCO recognizes the cities that go the extra distance when it comes to design.

The organization has named five cities the Cities of Design for their input in the industry. These cities are Dundee, Curitiba, Helsinki, Bilbao and Turin. All five cities represent the first cities in their respective countries that have received this special award.

Dundee, Bilbao, Curitiba, Helsinki and Turin have been awarded UNESCO City of Design status for their input to the design industry. UNESCO awards cities based on how and in which manner they promote the development of creative communities within the city.

They look at how the arts and design are being promoted and enhanced, looking specifically at how relationships are built within these communities. Of course, above all, the cities that are given this award need to have exciting and thriving design industries.

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