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Fishers, Indiana Is the Best City for Young Families

If someone were to ask you which city in America is considered the best for young families,  you would probably spend some time pondering it and then come up with something like Portland, Oregon or perhaps even Minneapolis, Minnesota. One city that would probably not cross your mind would be Fishers, Indiana, mostly because you probably haven’t heard of Fishers, Indiana.

Well, this city turns out to be one of the best cities to live in the country, constantly ranking in the top 10 on various lists and rankings. For instance, named it one of the finest places to live in the US and named it one of the best towns for young families. It also ranks highly on national city safety and crime lists.

Besides the safety, Fishers also boasts a very healthy economy, with around 2,000 business in the city and more than 30,000 people employed. In addition to this, the city’s economy is constantly improving, with almost 2,000 jobs added just in 2010.

In addition to the economy, the real estate market in Fishers is also healthy, but reasonable. For instance, a family can purchase a three-bedroom home for under $150,000, which is a definitive plus. The schools in Fishers also boast exquisite quality, with the school district earning 9 out of 10 rating on website Both high schools in Fishers ended up on USA Today’s list of top high schools in the US.

Finally, the sense of community is very strong in the city, ensuring that people have access to recreational opportunities and public spaces. The city also keeps the local cultural and historic scene very much alive, further contributing to Fishers being such a lauded place to live.

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