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Find Your Natural Inspiration In North Dakota

Saddle up and ride through this beautiful memorial to Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation efforts. Summer is probably the best season at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota. Most of the trails that cross the land are open for visitors and horseback riding, and there’s a campground that can accommodate up to 20 riders and 20 horses.

Both units of the park offer scenic drives, as well as adventurous hiking trails. The South Unit’s Wind Canyon Trail takes you a short distance up a ridge, providing a magnificent view of the Little Missouri River and of the area’s unbelievable terrain, with vertiginous slopes and ravines formed by winds and rivers.

Covering more than 70,000 acres in the state’s badlands, the park contains the site where Roosevelt hunted down his first buffalo. A third section of the park, Elkhorn Ranch, was the place of Roosevelt’s home.

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