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Ferguson Protests Spreading Across US


According to the BBC, a dozen US cities are now protesting over the decision not to charge a white policeman who shot and killed a black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri.

Demonstrations from New York to Seattle were mostly peaceful until now, but rioting broke out in Oakland, California. There was also some unrest in Ferguson, with police making 44 arrests, but the town did not see destruction on the scale of Monday night.
However, the officer who killed Michael Brown says he has a “clean conscience”.

Darren Wilson, who shot the 18-year old on 9 August, told ABC News that he had felt “like a five-year-old holding on to [US wrestler] Hulk Hogan”.
Many in Ferguson’s African-American community had called for the policeman to be charged with murder, but the grand jury’s decision states the police officer will not face state criminal charges over the murder.

Lawyers for Mr. Brown’s family denounced the grand jury’s decision, saying they “strongly objected” to the way prosecutor Bob McCullough presented the case, while strongly condemning the violence that followed.

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