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Falling For Yellowstone

Pack your camera, a raincoat and your sense of wonder.

Yellowstone National Park is rightfully famous for its steaming geothermal pools and Old Faithful geyser. However, one of the park’s most spectacular sights is Lower Yellowstone Falls, which plummets 308 feet, almost twice as high as Niagara, into a deep gorge.

The falls, one of several on the Yellowstone River, make their way into the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, whose rust-colored walls rise a thousand feet. Only the bravest visitors can step onto a viewing platform at the crest of the falls for a close-up look at the torrent cascading over the cliff.

On the other hand, for a more immersive experience, descend the stairs to the base of the falls, where you’ll feel the full force of the water as it thunders onto the rocks. You will get wet. But down here, surrounded by mist and nearly deafened by the roar, it’s impossible not to be amazed by the majesty of nature.

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