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Experts Baffled By Crime Number Spikes In U.S. Cities


Crime numbers have been dropping in almost all American major cities for decades, reaching all-time lows and giving people hope that urban crime might one day become a rarity more than a standard. This year, however, we are seeing a different picture. More precisely, a number of major cities across the United States are reporting dramatic rises in crime numbers.

For example, in Los Angeles, the overall crime rate has increased by more than 12 percent while violent offenses rose by more than 20. Downtown LA has seen the most dramatic rise in crime figures, with an increase of 34 percent overall and 56 percent in violent crimes.

Other major cities that have reported mostly double-digit surges in violent crimes and crimes overall include Houston, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, St. Louis, Dallas, Milwaukee, Washington D.D., San Antonio and New Orleans.

There are a number of theories suggested by various criminologists from all over the country as to why this is happening. Some say that this has mostly to do with changes in crime reporting systems which now classify more offenses as crimes. Others say that a huge number of inmates have been released due to California’s Proposition 47. There are those who are also saying that the statistics are covering a very short period of time and that it is quite possible the numbers will balance out given time.

Whatever the reason might be, the reality is that the crime is on the rise throughout the country.

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