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Department Of Education Investigating Racism In Ohio School


It feels that every few months (if not weeks) we hear about a story that makes us wonder how far we have gone as a nation. In most cases, it is the law enforcement who makes stupid and dangerous mistakes with their Neanderthal-like approach to race issues in the US, but today’s piece of news has nothing to do with them.

It, unfortunately, has to do with the future of this country, the young students of an Ohio high school.

Namely, Heather Allen, mother of two biracial kids who attend school in Lebanon, Ohio, has filed a formal complaint to the US Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. She was forced to do this because of the alleged incompetence and inertia of the Lebanon School District that has, according to her, done nothing to address the racial incidents that are occurring in District schools.

Allen’s attorney Robert Newman said:

Her son was called a slave by a fellow student and it was reported to the administration

He added that:

There was a video posted on social media where the N-word was chanted and the video got 5,000 hits on the posting.

Newman has also collected multiple pages of Instagram posts in which the N-word features prominently and in which African American students in the district are essentially told to leave. In addition to this, in the same school, a sign reading “whites only” was posted above a water fountain.

Mrs. Allen and Newman claim that the Lebanon School Board and the school authorities have done nothing to address this issue, which has forced them to seek action from the Department of Education.

District schools and the Lebanon School Board were not available for comment.

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