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Columbus, Ohio Is the Best City for Straight Single Women


Are you a single straight woman in America looking to find some love and you’re not having the best of luck in your own city or town? Then according to studies, you should consider moving to Columbus, Ohio. It might not be the most attractive location in the world, but if you are all about dating and trying to find that special someone, that’s what is recommending.

The research that was done was actually pretty scientific. It took into consideration all of the basic and most important stats related to the city. For example, how many people live there, how many people of each gender live there, how many single people live there, and things like that.

But the research isn’t just about finding single guys, it’s about finding good single guys. So other things that were taken into consideration were things like whether or not the unemployment rate is high and how many people living in the city have college degrees.

So a lot went into the research and Columbus ended up coming out on top. And even though it’s in the Midwest, it’s actually one of the cooler and hipper cities in the Midwest. So what’s the final tally of single men in Columbus? According to the study, there are over 137,000 men in the city who are currently, as they say, single and ready to mingle.

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